I talked a lot this weekend.〜Mariko’s English diary No.33〜

On Suturday, I went to my friend’s house near my house.

Other two friends also met together there.

We went to Malta together, when we were the college students.

From 1 PM to 9PM, we keep taking…about our trip, recent life, in the future and so on.

And On Sunday,I met another friend of mine.

We went to the same college. And We went to the U.S together.(It was my first trip to the foriegn country.)

We talked from 5:30PM to 10PM.

She were in Thailand on her business for 2 years.

So We haven’t seen each other for over 2years.

But It was so confortable for me.

We talked a lot.

She said she spoke so fast. (maybe I spoke soooo fast.That means I am in a great condition)

It was so great weekend.

Thank you,guys!!





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